Jeweled Trigger X Ambiance

Here at Ambiance, we are always sure to carry a wide selection of brands from all across the globe. And although we love to grab goodies from far and wide, nothing makes our heart happier then repping brands from our very own small town.
Meet Jeweled Trigger, a jewelry brand that aims for extraordinary.
Jeweled Trigger is all about freeing your inner wild spirit and owning your style. Their jewelry collection consists of timeless pieces designed to be edgy, yet elegant and bold but understated. Jeweled Trigger was founded on the virtues of love, courage, and respect for humanity. They are committed to helping women feel empowered and extraordinary by expressing themselves through fashion.
Each limited edition piece is made with love in San Luis Obispo, California using responsibly recovered bullet shells, elements of the Earth, crystals and the finest metals they could get their hands on.
They repurpose with passion. Their standards reflect the highest quality craftsmanship as well as mindfully respecting the environment.
Come check out pieces in store or shop directly online!
Happy shopping friends,
xoxo Ambiance

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