SEED Your Soul

SEED Your Soul
Colby Courter

Here at Ambiance, we are all about staying healthy and of course, staying local. Let us introduce you to SEEDS, a brand new juice company that just opened around the corner. We had the pleasure of hosting the delicious company at our recent Bed-Stu trunk show last Saturday and oh boy, were we hooked.

Seeds not only offers their very own pressed juices (which includes a 3 day cleanse) but also; bowls, parfaits, smoothies and kombucha.. hello addictions. Their motto is “nurture the human” and nurture they do indeed. Everything is organic and gluten free options are an obvious. They pride themselves on being the only company in the area that provides the ultimate personalized customer based experience. That means; you the consumer, get to build your treat from the bottom right to the top.

First, we get to pick our base. This includes a variety of fruit juices, greek yogurt or coconut and almond milk.
Second, choose any three fruits. Um, yes please!

The final and most important step, choose your seed! They have a wide range of options from sunflower, to chia, to sesame.. I mean, after all, that is their name.

If that doesn’t convince you to ditch your unworthy home packed lunch and run over there, they also offer the choice of a personalized supplement boost to get your day going. Choose from antioxidants, to immunity support or matcha powder and more.

SEEDS won’t let you down guys, especially because they are open daily from 8 am to 7 pm. Did we convince you? And alright alright, we’re done, so get down there and SEED your body asap.


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