Spring Bags 2016

Purses, clutches, wallets, satchels… you name it and let’s face it, you need it. Bags are a staple in a girl’s life, and not only do they hold our most cherished possessions, they no doubt complete our outfits.
It is a major fact that one can never own too many bags right?We have times when we go out, times when we go to work, times when we go to the beach, and times when we just want to look damn good.
With the changing of the seasons, comes the changing of fashion’s biggest trends. So let’s get started on our guide to your next spring accessory.

So it’s no secret that us ladies carry around the world in our purses, from car keys to tampons to who knows what else is in there, but we need it okay! Satchels and purses are the ultimate for carrying the necessities and this season allows you to do so.

Yes we have seen the cross body bags and the sling it over your shoulder “mom” style, but this seasons ladies, is all about grabbing it by the handle and letting it hang. Totes are perfect because they give you both options. Whether you’re feeling lazy and swamped, long straps are essential, but when you need that dose of trendy steeze, one word..”handles”.

Here are some examples straight from the runway:

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Nano Ninja Bag, Double Percy Bag, Lima Hobo, Aloe B Purse, Amalie Bag

Sometimes, we don’t need all that baggage, and sometimes, we just want that minimal approach. BUT, heaven forbid we don’t have our phones on us at all times, and sorry no, pockets are not in equipped in this little black dress we are rockin’ on a Friday night.

Guess what, runway this season has declared the tech savvy wallet/clutch, the new trend for essential transport. We can look glitz and glam out on the town with our keys, phone and cash safely stored in our hands.

Check out these looks to get the picture:

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Sula Clutch, Milanza Wallet, Rosio Wallet, Wingman Wallet

There you have it, your one stop guide to Spring 2016 bags. We won’t leave you hangin’ fashion friends, come on into Ambiance to pick out your next spring bag or shop right online at shopambiance.com. Thanks for checking in,




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