Toss Your Caps In Style! How To Dress For Your Graduation

Toss Your Caps In Style! How To Dress For Your Graduation
Colby Courter

Finding your graduation dress is that last task to stress you out just a little bit more before your big commencement day. This blog is going to let you know what to keep in mind when you're looking for that dress to make sure there are no surprises when graduation day is here and you're putting it all together.

Colors to think about

There are a few things you will definitely be wearing for graduation such as, your cap and gown, school sash, and tassel. You may even have more sash's piled up for achievements or extracurricular activities that will add colors you'll want your dress to coincide with.

The tassel you wear is going to depend on your major and will be just a small amount of added color to your look so it's not a big one to worry about. Your school sash for Cal Poly will be green and gold, and the others will depend on the club or organization. Solid, neutral colors will be the easiest and most timeless to wear, but don't be afraid to experiment in finding a nice floral that blends with your colors well.

Length of dress 

Next, you want to think about the length of your dress. It may clash with your graduation look if you have a dress peeking out below your gown length. Don't let that scare you from rockin' that beautiful maxi dress though! You can size up the height of your gown, or size down your dress for a cropped look. Mini, short or midi dresses will be easiest to have coincide with length, but the maxi may be the most elegant for this day. If you have a maxi dress in mind, try on your gown before going to try on dresses and remember its length on you so you know which maxi may work for you or not.


Remember when choosing your shoes that this is going to be only thing showing when you are fully in your graduation attire. With that being said, you need to think about all of the colors you're going to be wearing. You don't want shoes that will clash with your sash or gown. You also want to make sure they'll look great with your dress of course.


Lastly (but most importantly) you want to be as comfortable as possible in what you're wearing. It is a sure thing that you will be nervous, excited, filled with many feelings and emotions and the last thing you should be thinking about is if your dress is uncomfortable, not fitting, too hot, etc... The most important part to remember in mastering this day is to feel confident in yourself, all other pieces will fall in to place.

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