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  • June 14 2018 – Colby Courter

    Secrets For Handling Summers Spontaneous Essence

    We are here to give you lots of amazing tips and secrets to keep you flawless for summer (and yes, we really mean flawless). You’ll be amazed with the results and so ready for anything. Last minute dates, nite out with the girls, beach days, brunch mornings, really anything at any moment. Read on to gain new tips on how...

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  • Rainy Day Playlists

    March 07 2016 – Colby Courter

    Rainy Day Playlists

    Rainy day’s will always have a special place in our heart. Sometimes they make you feel down and able to release emotions you have bottled up, or sometimes they make you feel warm and cozy and content with hiding out from the world. Maybe you’re the type that embraces the rain and goes out dancing in the pit of it....

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  • Holiday Peppermint Fudge

    December 22 2015 – Kannyn January

    Holiday Peppermint Fudge

    Now that the holidays are upon us, nothing beats a bake party on a rainy/snowy day in a warm kitchen, with some tunes blasting and a festive candle in the air. The holiday season is a time to trash that diet and indulge in the millions of treats being thrown in our faces on a daily basis. On that note,...

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