5 Tips For Your Mid State Fair Outfit

5 Tips For Your Mid State Fair Outfit
Colby Courter

 We all know the Mid State Fair is not about fashion or what you’re going to be wearing, but then again we know that’s exactly what it’s actually all about. No, you’re not being formally judged like the livestock, but rather informally judged… by everyone else.

Oops… I hope I didn’t put any pressure on you. I’m sure part of you already knew this anyway... Don’t worry though, we have 5 fair outfit tips that will earn you the grand prize 😉

1. First thing’s first, BOOTS. Yes, you need some boots, preferably leather. They don’t have to be cowboy boots, but if you have some, you better be wearing them! This will show that you know what you’re doing at the Mid State Fair. You belong here. You will impress and find your hot cowboy soul mate here (okay maybe not, but a girl can dream). Back to real life, make sure you can wear some great boots with your outfit.

 2. Next thing to have in your outfit is denim. Throw a denim jacket over your country girl dress and WOW… You will be in the next country love song about the girl at the Mid State Fair that got away 😉 If you’re not feeling a dress, go for denim cut off shorts! We all know it’s going to be very hot, but denim pants are another good call in terms of style if you don’t want to show your legs. I’m sure you will see some bedazzled denim at the fair as well. If that’s your style, go for it! You can even make it a fun craft and put jewels on jeans you already own if you don’t want to buy some. Just be you with your favorite worn in denim.

3. Third tip, add leather. You already know your boots better be leather, why not add a little more? Wear a leather belt around your dress to show off your waistline. Add a nice leather belt to your denim shorts or pants. Most of all, you need a great leather bag! You’ll want a nice bag to hold all your fair necessities like your water, wallet, concert tickets, fair prizes, you name it! Make it a bag that looks great with your outfit, make it your perfect leather addition to your outfit.

4. ACCESSORIZE! Do not leave the house without accessories. Just don’t. Depending on your outfit and your own personal style you should choose between a couple statement pieces, or some dainty layered pieces. That part is up to you and your outfit. Just don’t leave without it. Add rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc..!

5. Last, but actually most important, you better be wearing a good attitude. That’s what makes the fair so much fun! Happy people out in the community appreciating the fair and all it has to offer. This is the last tip that ties your outfit together. You must be wearing a good attitude. Believe it or not, it makes you look that much better. It’s like the cherry on top, or the sprinkles on top, or whatever is your favorite. Now when you hear Eric Church or Luke Bryan come out with a song about the best looking lady at the Paso Mid State Fair, you’ll know it’s about you, and your smile is what topped it all off.

We’ll have to find a way to tap into those profits from the songs that are coming from you looking so good at the fair. But for now, just tag us in your photos so we can see how great you did with your Mid State Fair outfit. If this blog left you realizing you’re unprepared for the Mid State Fair outfit planning, just come on in to Ambiance. We will take care of you.

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