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How would you describe your style: My style is classic with a twist. I can be found embracing a bohemian vibe one day and a rocker vibe the next. I embrace a hi/lo combination when it comes to picking out the perfect outfit. I also believe in adding a fun accessory to every outfit!

Style icon: My style icons are Diane Keaton, Blake Lively, and Ashley Graham.


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How would you describe your style: I try to exhibit my personality through my personal style and closet... it’s full of seemingly contradicting pieces such as edgier vintage jeans and jackets but also soft summer dresses. I really enjoy playing with current trends but nothing will ever beat timelessness, in my opinion... I care about the fit of clothes, the quality of fabrics, and the story behind each piece.
Style iconI adore Jeanne Damas, a French author, for her effortlessly chic wardrobe and minimalistic style. I am definitely one for clean lines and simplicity.

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How would you describe your style: My personal style can be described as feminine with a hint of sporty. I also love the occasional edgy rocker vibe. However I’m usually to be seen in a beautifully detailed dress. And I never leave the house without my current favorite pair of sneakers!

Style icon: My favorite designers are Ulla Johnson, Mother Denim, Zadig et Voltaire, and Ramy Brook.

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How would you describe your styleI believe I have an all encompassing eccentric style. I gravitate towards a good floral dress or statement top and a good high waist pair of denim. I believe accessories totally complete an outfit and I think they really don't get enough credit.

Style icon: My mamma is definitely my style icon, I also get inspiration from seasonal trends vintage photos  and overall mood.

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How would you describe your styleSome days I’m all about graphic tees and cheetah print. Other days I keep it simple with black on black. I like to have a good base of staple pieces and add one statement piece or print to complete the look.

Style iconMy style icon is hands down, Gina Taylor, the operations manager at Ambiance.

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How would you describe your styleI’d say my style is ... rebellious. I’m not one much for rules related to age or size  My fashion style is constantly evolving.

Style icon: I don’t really have a style icon. As my personal style changes constantly there is no one particular stylist that I can say is my muse. I like to have fun with clothes and try a bit of everything

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