Hidden Gems at The Mid State Fair

Hidden Gems at The Mid State Fair
Colby Courter

Animals, rides, and concerts... that's what the Mid State Fair is all about right? NO! There are so many other great aspects to the Paso Robles Mid State Fair. Did you know there are a lot of local competitions that take place at the Mid State fair each year as well (one’s aside from the adorable animals)? There is also a lot of local talent showcased! We’re going to give you the inside scoop on what you probably didn’t know was there! And yes, we will highlight the free and ticketed concerts for you as well.
The Mid State Fair has a home brewing competition, in case you didn’t know! There’s still time to enter for you amateur home brewers out there! They also have a home wine making competition. For these competitions you need to be from either San Luis Obispo or Santa Barbara County. Maybe pick up a new hobby and enter next year! (That way you can scope out the competition this year.) Go see who was awarded so you know what local homemade wines and beer to find and support, maybe even get involved with.
Another great thing to check out at the fair is the industrial arts display. These are works of art from high school students using welding techniques they learn through the industrial education program. They make BBQ’s, trailers, porch swings, coffee tables and plenty of other miraculous projects. Along the same lines as that, there’s a tractor restoration display. These are also the projects of students, but these students have restored antique tractors. The Mid State Fair gives them a place to display their incredible workmanship and they distribute scholarships as well! Go check out what amazing projects these kids are able to do!
The Mid State Fair also showcases award-winning flowers! What a beautiful sight! They’re all local growers and local florist businesses. Along with that, they showcase handcrafted arts and crafts from local people. You’ll find woodcraft, jewelry, baskets, and more! You may want to redecorate with local homemade goods after. You’ll also know where to buy to support locally grown flowers next time you want to freshen up your dining room table or send someone a great floral surprise!
Of course you all know about the concerts that come to the Mid State Fair. Don’t forget to enjoy some of the free concerts they provide as well, you’ll find some great artists there you may have never heard of. Some free concerts we would recommend are Cassadee Pope who will be there on July 19th, Bear Market Riot who plays on July 20th, Natalie Haskins on the 21st and Southern Accents (Tom Petty cover band) on the 24th along with many others.
You may already know who’s coming to play the big shows at the Mid State Fair, but here are some of our recommendations anyway; Florida Georgia Line on July 18th, Eric Church on the 21st, Tim & Faith on July 24th, Luke Bryan on the 26th, and if you’re in to rock & roll, don’t worry! ZZ TOP is playing on July 25th!
Get ready to go out and support your local, farmers, artists, and other talent at the Mid State Fair in Paso Robles July 18th-29th
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